The title of this blog is a pretty typical interaction I have with people I meet at parties, events or between friends I have not seen for some time. When people hear that I am in the real estate business, they suddenly seem very concerned over my health and general wellbeing. I really appreciate the caring and concern, but I think these people are a little unclear as to what it means when I say I am in the real estate business.

Real Estate is such a vast business and there are so many aspects to the real estate industry. The following are some of the sectors of the real estate industry: office class A, office class B, office class C, office condos, retail strip centers, retail enclosed malls, retail mixed-use, retail lifestyle centers, retail condos, industrial, land, residential single family homes, residential condos, residential multifamily, etc. The bottom line is, there are many different property types and classes.

So, when someone sympathizes with me and says that they are going to pray for my situation, I explain to them that right now the Single Family Home and Condo sectors of the residential real estate market are not doing well, but many of the other sectors of the real estate industry are still growing. Its important to remember that the housing market is hitting the fan right now, but many sectors of the commercial real estate industry are still showing strong signs of life.

Of course, it is important to assess your market and determine where the REAL ESTATE industry is at this point.