Too many people do not get professional help when growing their business. One of the professionals that you MUST have is an attorney. Although it is very important to understand the contents of a lease, it is in your best interest to find a qualified retail real estate attorney.  I have had clients hire Mergers and Acquisitions Attorneys, Entertainment Attorneys and everything else between. I have always advised that they seek an attorney that specializes in retail real estate/shopping centers. This will save you  headaches and problems as you grow into your business and retail location. Getting an entertainment attorney to review a retail lease is like getting a dentist to do plastic surgery – they might know what to do, but that is not their specialty. You want to work with some that has experience and is going to do a good job explaining the nuts and bolts of what is likely to be a 35+ page document.

This advice might be disappointing because you wanted to hire your cousin or best friend’s sister, but I cannot stress enough, spending the money up front will save you boat loads of money in the future.