Just like in all sports or business ventures, it is important to have a team when growing your retail business. From a real estate/site selection perspective, the members of your team should be:

  • Broker/Agent: Look around and find the right person/group that fits your personality and goals. They should be able to help you identify the right market and site for your store.
  • Real Estate Attorney (Experienced in Retail Real Estate): This is the person that is going to review your lease and can truly explain language that might not make sense on the surface.
  • Contractor: You will need to work with a contractor to get your space built out. The contractor can also help you save money by providing an estimate of what it will cost to build out a store. You have to watch the contractors, but if you get a good one, they can really help you out.
  • Architect: You are most likely going to need to submit plans to the city showing how you are laying out your store.  In an ideal world, your contractor and architect work together to build your retail masterpiece. Either you contractor or architect should deal your local municipality in getting permits. 
These are the main components to having a winning team in your site selection. If any of the team members are weak it could result in delays and problems down the road. I would suggest getting several bids from architects and contractors before settling on one person until you know the quality of the work and are sure about the relationship.