GOING GREEN is and will continue to be a moajr trend around the world. Municipalities are creating grants, tax credits, density bonuses and reduced fees for development projects that comply with national green standards. Right now, only about 5% of developments are green, but the green movement is going leaps and bounds. Definitely an emerging market!

The Green Movement is not just confined to automobiles, development and construction, its spread to grocery stores, clothing stores and even pet stores. Green is becoming a way of life. More and more vegan and organic restaurants are opening up such as Organic To Go, Java Green, etc. Green is also shaping the way retailers merchandise their stores. Conscious Corner is Clarksville, Maryland based group of retail operations focused on green living. They operate an organic pet store, clothing store, deli and grocery store.

Green living is just starting and it is likely people are going to continue to adopt more green living standards as cities and governments offer more incentives to save the environment and live healthy. Being green is likely to help your retail business make more green!