People in Korea Outside of Who A.U.

With the dollar falling to all time lows, it seems that retailers from around the world have their eyes on the United States. It’s no surprise either. The United States is a nation of Shopaholics. People in the United States love to shop and eat. Anyways, word has it that a very successful retail concept from Korea called Who A.U. has its eyes on California and then the rest of the United States. January’s ULI magazine discussed global retailers expanding across the United States and Who A.U. was mentioned. Who A.U. is a California style fashion retailer. There is not really a great of information about Who A.U., but the picture above best describes the success the concept has experienced in Korea.

Who A.U. is catering to the teenager market because that is the group with a considerable amount of spending power. One of the largest consumer groups in the United States.