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Happy New Year everyone.  I know that it has been a while. In the months that have passed, the new blog was supposed to be launched, but it did not turn out so well…especially after it was hacked! Focus was lost! And the retail industry started to get a little…wild. But it is time to get focused on the retail real estate industry again and get people in the know. So I dedicate this blog post to consistency, quality content and retail.


Sorry for the hiatus, I have been working on some new stuff including the new blog! Yes, is going to be morphing into Things are in the works, so be patient as things are certain to provide more value on the new blog.

Every now and then I hear limiting phrases like “That won’t work in my business” or  “My industry is different”. Phrases like that are limiting and just far off. Unfortunately, to a large extent, people in the retail real estate industry have not embraced technology like other sectors of the economy let alone real estate. My goal is to find a way to use technology efficiently so that people in the industry truly see the value of modern technology beyond a Blackberry. Blackberries are excellent tools, but so much more could be utilized.

I recommend starting with an e-mail address. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail… so many services offer e-mail addresses. I am serious about this. I run across so many people interested in leasing space, but they do not have e-mail addresses.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of the people in the United States. Tomorrow is Friday November 23rd, also known to many as Black Friday. This is the day that many retailers wait for during the holidays, some all year long. Government forecasts expect this to be one of the worst Black Fridays in recent years, but with the consumer society of the United States, I cannot see tomorrow as a bad day for many. Well, enjoy the football (American) and left over turkey and let’s see the results.

Here are my three stores to avoid if you want to venture out and take advantage of sales, but do not want to be a victim of the mobs and chaos:

  1. Walmart
  2. Target
  3. Best Buy

I like these stores usually, but tomorrow I expect them to be filled with people and as a result absolute chaos. If you venture out to these stores, good luck and happy holidays.


In an article called “Meeting of the Minds“, Retail Traffic Magazine talks about Apple‘s plans to open Genuis Bars inside of Best Buy stores…now that is a genius move by Mr. Steve Jobs (a genius). That is not only a great branding move for Apple, it is also a great move for Best Buy.

Best Buy has many more locations than Apple and this is great strategic move as more and more people buy Apple products. Apparently, the Best Buy Genius Bars will have Apple trained staff to give the same great service one receives in an Apple Store.

This is not the first time that Apple and Best Buy have worked together. The relationship between the two ended in 1998 because of a disagreement, let’s hope this time it lasts for a long time.

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