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Future Apple Store Location - Georgetown Washington D.C.

Future Apple Store Location - Georgetown Washington D.C.

While people are wondering what is going on in the retail world, Apple is simply trying to get a permit to open their new Georgetown (Washington D.C. store). Well, the people of the Old Georgetown Board  are not bending even for Steve Jobs and Apple. Apple has submitted plans on at least three occassions in order to get approval, but they are just continue to be denied.

Apple is being denied because of their design and there are some people who say “Take that Apple” (they must be PCs!, but I think they need to get that store open. Many people also think Apple should’ve opened the store in Chinatown, but let us evaluate the site selection like the professionals that we are.

Chinatown- Gallery Place (Verizon Center)

  • Emerging Retail Market
  • Direct Metro (Subway Station)
  • Second Best Retail Corridor in Washington D.C.
  • Newer Residential Market


  • Established Retail Market
  • No Metro Stations
  • #2 Tourist Destination after the Mall (Good luck getting a store there)
  • Georgetown University, George Washington University and American University all within a close proximity. Especially GTown.
  • Nearly recession proof housing market with a variety of high househould incomes.

So, should they go to Chinatown? No! They are in the right place, but it is time to get those plans approved and open.



For a long time people talked and speculated about Apple opening a store in Washington D.C.’s Georgetown. Well, finally it is going to happen. Last week, the Washington Business Journal dedicated a front page column to Apple’s recent acquisition of 1229 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. For those of you not familiar with the location, it is the existing location of French Connection (FCUK).

I am not sure that Georgetown is really the place for Apple to open a flagship store in the District of Columbia, but Georgetown is one of the top tourist destinations in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, so let’s see how it goes.

Some of the questions real estate minds have to be asking are:

1) Is this store going to negatively impact the existing locations in Clarendon and Bethesda?

2) Have they really thought out who their customer base is going to be?

As mentioned above, I am not sure Georgetown is the best place to open an Apple store in the district. The parking is limited at best, not everyone is doing well in Georgetown despite the long list of top notch international and national retailers.

Apparently, the building sold for north of $10 million dollars! So, we will all see how Apple does in Georgetown, but its good to see another store open in your hometown.

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